Bra That Shocks Attackers


Anti Rape Bra
Spurred on by the horrible gang rape in Delhi last year, a number of students at the SRM University in Chennai, India have designed a bra that shocks attackers with a 3800kv electric shock.

Manisha Mohan, Niladhri Basu Bal, and Rimpi Tripathi all decided that it was about time that women were more protected agianst things like rape in India, which is why they went ahead and designed the bra, designed to shock any potential rapist that could attack.

Not only does the bra shock attackers, but it can also send a text message to a family member and the police to alert them of the victims location, to help further prevent any attack. Furthermore, the bra is made with calibrated pressure valves that do not go off in a situation like a hug, for example. This also helps ensure that the wearer doesn’t end up being shocked by the bra.

This new product is sure to be helpful for women in situations such as rape.