This Bra Inexplicably Only Unclasps For True Love


They say true love is a prickly thing to nail down, or it’s like a big pizza pie, or many splendored thing or any one of the other thousands of analogies that have been posited throughout the ages. However, there is no real way to test for true love, right? You just gotta know how you feel and hope the person you are with feels the same and aren’t performing a long con to swindle you out of your precious diamonds(that happens more often than you’d think.) Now, however, there is a bra that can tell you with scientific, and sexy, certainty whether you are with someone who truly, madly and deeply loves you.

A Japanese company by the name of Ravijour has just pulled the clasp off of their True Love Bra. They purport that this bra will only open for true love, meaning that if you are some bozo trying to get in a random girl’s pants it simply won’t work. Well, the pants will work but the bra won’t. They should probably work on the pants next. This bra works using a combination of collected biometric data. According to the makers, once the data is analyzed the bra can tell if you are in love with your suitor. If she doesn’t, it’s lights out. Only, well, actually it would lights on. You get what I meant.

For now, this decadent undergarment can only be purchased in Japan. We’ll let you know when you can get one of these bad boys, or girls, in other parts of the world.