Boxing Clever


A French startup says it has come up with a unique way to protect a man’s most treasured possessions.

The pioneers behind the Spartan Boxer Brief say it is the first well-designed high-tech male undergarment that protects the genitals from cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

Why anti-radiation boxers? Men who keep phones in their pockets experience:
– A 50% reduction in sperm count
– A strong decrease in sperm quality
– Modifications of sperm DNA

The Spartan briefs are made of a unique high-tech fabric,incorporating pure silver fibres into the cotton weave, which together act as an electro-magnetic shielding, preventing radiation from reaching the genital area,

The briefs have been tested and certified by the Langevin Institute, a leading laboratory in the physics of waves and imaging, and the inventors claim they effectively block over 99% of all cellular and wifi radiation.

They also claim another unique property; that the underwear is odourless.
This is due to the silver contained in the fabric stopping bacteria from multiplying and eliminating odours.

The Indiegogo campaign launches on the 9th November.