Bowflex Boost – The Low Cost Fitness Band


bowflex boost

Technology that can be worn around your wrist is all the rage right now. These products can range from smartwatches to light up bracelets to fitness bands. A number of wrist worn fitness monitors have been coming out, so much so that it would be fair to see that the market for fitness bands is quite saturated. Unfortunately it’s saturated with products that are often rather pricey, and there aren’t too many low cost fitness bands. Until now. Introducing the Bowflex Boost, the low cost fitness band.

There isn’t too much information about the product yet, but we are aware of a few small details about it. First of all, the Bowflex Boost is sure to be much like its competitors, tracking things like daily activities and sleep patterns. While it should offer many of the same features, it costs only $50, compared to other similar products which often run for $100 or more.

The fitness band will also come with a smartphone app allowing you to sync your data to your smartphone via Bluetooth and see statistics and information about your health and fitness.

The Bowflex Boost is expected to be released sometime in September, and while we do not have all the details about the product yet, it’s sure to fill a great niche for budget fitness monitors, and the rest of the details should be released very soon. While it sure is on the cheaper end of fitness monitors it will be interesting to see what the fitness band does not have in order to have such a low price.