Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones Will Let You Cut That Cord


Oh man. Is there anything more annoying than cords? They are everywhere, the vermin of the technology world. They get tangled up, get in the way, and can even be used to choke someone. Not to mention they make one heck of a tasty treat for an ornery cat. However, for the most part, we need them to get our gadgets to run. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, however, this need has somewhat dissipated in recent years. Bluetooth speakers are now commonplace and, finally, the same can be said of headphones. Bluetooth headphones let you cut the cord once and for all so you can listen to music the way it was meant to be heard, while you lie in bed and writhe around like a maniac.

Bose, who are no stranger to creating beautiful noises, have thrown their hat into the Bluetooth headphone game. Their brand spanking new AE2w Bluetooth headphones come with bells and whistles intact. They are essentially your standard pair of Bose headphones, but with a Bluetooth dongle attached. It provides access to a multi-function button, volume controls, power switch and micro-USB port for charging.The battery life for this dongle clocks in at an impressive seven hours. Even cooler, is it can be swapped out for those times when you just need cords in your life(which is never.)

These snazzy ‘phones will be available next week for the extremely reasonable price of $250. Just think, that’s only 125 slices of pizza or 1,000 games of Donkey Kong in 1981. The more things change, the more they, well, never mind.