Boltt aims to make AI the gateway to health and fitness


A sports start-up company called Boltt wants to bring wearable & AI intelligence products to change the face of global health.

Boltt is basically a wearable, coupled with an AI health coach which will help you get better with your fitness goals. Boltt has partnered with Garmin, the world pioneer in wearable sensors. Together they are working on unique sensor forms that capture all forms of body data (mechanical and cardiovascular).

CEO and founder, Arnav Kishore, the man behind this endeavour, has invested a year in putting together a team in data science, behavior change, and cognitive computing, to create Virtual Coaching Intelligence that will guide users to derive actionable insights from their health data.

Co-founder Aayushi Kishore added that “Boltt reads your Sleep, fitness, nutrition and activity data, stores them in one place; and give’s meaningful insights and guidance, on how to live healthier. Our wearable AI advancement is exploring the future capabilities of machines—the limits and extremes of their “intelligence” and their ability to replicate human thinking.”