Body Clock Resetting LED Glasses



You might remember a while back we wrote about a set of glasses called “Re-Timer”, which aim to reset the wearers body clock. That article can be found here. Well recently the Re-Timer was given a number of extra test runs at Flinders University, and found to be extremely effective in all cases. This might just be the cure for all of your sleeping problems!

Ever experienced jet lag that you just can’t seem to get over after a long haul flight? Or have you maybe had a run of insomnia? Well most people experience these things at some point in their life. Now there is a way to reset your body clock, and hence be able to get a good nights sleep. It’s called the Re-Timer.

The glasses were developed at Flinders University in Australia by a number of researchers, and after 15 years of research and development, this is the product that they came up with.

The way that our body clocks work is that they respond to the cycles of the sun. When we go to another country for example, our body clock doesn’t take the fact that the time zones are different into account and the result is jet lag. Or when we work a night shift, our body is naturally used to being awake during the day and asleep at night, so we might have trouble catching up on our sleep after our shift. Changing the body clock can fix problems like this. This is done through supplementing the light that our body expects to see with the glasses.

The glasses are also designed in a way that users can continue doing their everyday activities while wearing them, and wearers shouldn’t have any trouble seeing during treatment.

These glasses can be used to treat a range of problems and help a number of situations, ranging from jet lag, insomnia, night shift workers, and so on. The glasses are commercially available and can be purchased through the re-timer website.