Boda Pack Seeks to Make Motorcycling Safer Than Ever


People who love riding their motorcycles around really love riding their motorcycles around. However, for us normal folk and even for them, it’s not exactly the safest activity on earth. All of that hard, flat road coming at you at sixty miles an hour. Nothing between you and said road but your leather jacket and a helmet, if you are lucky. On that front, several companies have taken to introducing some wearable tech designed to keep cyclists safer than ever before. After all, they need all the help they can get. Surely, you’ve seen that one episode of Roseanne in which Dan bites it, right?

Clad Light, a startup company based out of Kenya, have announced their forthcoming Boda Pack. This jacket-like device improves the safety ratio for motorcyclists. It is covered in helpful LED lights, which of course make the driver easier seen on the road. Plus, it’s a jacket, so you are sure to be cool looking as you zig and zag all over your neighborhood roads, feeling the wind in your hair(unless you are bald.) The Clad Light crew come from a textile background so one would imagine they got the jacket part of the equation, uh, sewed up(Sorry.)

As far as when you can plan on being safer on your way to the local biker bar, don’t hold your breath. It’s only a working prototype for now, but the company says it won’t be long before they announce some information as to how the public can get their hands on one.