This Bluetooth LED Dog Collar Will Light Fido’s Way


Dogs. We love them. They accompany us for pleasant walks. They, uh, force us to go on lots of unpleasant walks. They bark, sit and occasionally give high fives on command. They truly are man’s best friend. To that end, we like to take a few moments every now and again to take a look at wearable technology aimed at the canine set. Believe it or not, useful gadgets for dogs have been coming out at a fairly rapid clip. This sector of the wearable tech industry is no smartwatch but, hey, it’s something. Here is another nifty potential present for your prized pooch.

It’s appropriately called the Bluetooth LED Dog Collar. Wanna bet five doggie biscuits on what it does? That’s right. It uses the power of Bluetooth to light up LED lights. Good boy! You can use a related app to set up a variety of cool light shows so your pup will always be the star of show(just how they like it.) The collar is water resistant, which is great as rumor has it dogs like to hang out in lakes. It’s not just for aesthetics, however. The light show can absolutely help keep dogs safe, particularly when they are out roaming around at night. Any amount of light helps, right?

The LED Dog Collar isn’t out yet, so for now you’ll have to just tape a bunch of Christmas lights around your dog. You can pre-order one, however, by heading to their Kickstarter and plonking down twenty bucks. Hey, that’s a purr-tty good deal! Wait, wrong animal.