This Bluetooth Headset Records Both Sides of a Call


Have you ever tried to record one of your phone conversations? It’s actually quite a bit more complicated than one would think. You can set up an actual recording device in your room and blast the conversation on speaker and hope for the best. This works, sort of, once in a while. The results can end up garbled and stupid, however. You can also pay exorbitant prices for smartphone services that claim to do this and charge by the minute. Yowza. You can also, now, just pick up this brand spanking new earpiece that seems to solve this problem once and for all (cue the journalists weeping for joy.)

Introducing the Bluewire, a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece/headset that can magically record both sides of a phone conversation. Pretty soon you’ll be violating your friends’ privacy all over the place! They’ll thank you for it, once they realize that their harsh words on how Anna totally made a fool out of herself with Devon at the school dance have been recorded for eternal posterity. Also, the device is completely wireless, even when charging. It charges with the wireless Qi charge-pad. Future forward. Very nice. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, wires totally suck.

Of course, being as how this is an actual useful thingamajig that we all want, the Bluewire is not yet available on store shelves. As a matter of fact, they’ve been forced to take that walk of shame to Indiegogo to try to raise finishing funds. Don’t worry, though! It has already blown through its asking price and will, one day, be heading to store shelves to dash your dreams of private phone calls.