These Bluetooth-Enabled Headphones Are Made Out of Wood


Headphones are some of the greatest things on this planet. Is there anything better than having some privacy as you listen to some major tuneage? Imagine it, in the old days people had to sit together and listen to music as they, ugh, interacted. What a bummer! Nowadays we can close out the outside world and everyone in it as we jam Spotify, Bandcamp or even music we’ve illegally downloaded. Aren’t we just exemplary consumers? In any event, headphones are great and all, but could use some aesthetic upgrades. Don’t worry. Here are some pretty snazzy cans made entirely out of wood.

Accidentally Extraordinary presents their 51st Studio Unplugged headphones made totally out of the trees that populate this great planet of ours. What’s so cool about these ‘phones? Well, in case you didn’t notice, they are made out of wood which makes them a neat little conversation piece. Also, they are Bluetooth-based which means they are essentially wireless. The trees have no use for wires and now neither do your headphones! They actually have the distinction of being the first wooden pair of headphones that use Bluetooth, so consider tech-forwardness another trait of the Studio 51s.

You can’t rush out to your local lumberjack/music store and demand a pair of these anytime soon, however. They aren’t out yet! They aren’t even funded yet, so they’ve lumbered on over to Kickstarter to procure funds. You can preorder a pair of your very own for $169.