BladeRunner Trailblazer GPS Jacket


BladeRunner Trailblazer GPS JacketBladeRunner, a clothing manufacturer from the UK that specializes in equipment for the police and security services has launched recently the first school uniform in slash-proof Kevlar. Considering the situation nowadays in some schools and on the way to the school, this might not be such a bad idea as it might sound initially.The latest addition to BladeRunner’s protective clothing is a jacket that includes GPS technology. The idea is not new, we have seen this before but that was a one off and not available for the common public like you and me. BladeRunner realized this concept by launching the GPS Jacket for kids as well for grown ups.

With a monthly fee of £10 ($20.5) for the satellite tracking you are ready to go anywhere without getting lost. The battery keeps the GPS running for around 15 hours, long enough for your longest trip outside.

The tracking is done via a web-based system on a secure site, no need to install anything, just fire up your web-browser, login and start monitoring your kids walking around in Google Maps. The tracking is not limited only to a specific area, it works everywhere around the world.

The system updates every 10 seconds and there is no need to be behind a computer all the time. Email alerts can be sent to your Blackberry or text messages to your mobile about the whereabout of your Jacket. The accuracy of the Jackets GPS system pinpoints you down to an area of just 4 spare meter.

All this might appeal to a certain type of over-protective, borderline paranoiac parents with too much time on their hands but Blade Runners GPS Jackets could be a interesting purchase for the peace of mind.

An there are other uses that might have even greater appeal and safety value: doing adventure sports, like snowboarding, skiing, tracking in the great wilderness, many things can happen. Visibility falls to zero, God forbid you get into an avalanche, fall into a trench, you name it. If you have the GPS Jacket, your friends and family can guide the rescue team to your location easily.

The many functions BladeRunner offers with their GPS Jacket has it’s value in certain situation, especially in the safety aspect of sometimes a little bit dangerous outdoor activities and if you feel the need for extreme protection (monitoring) of your kid, you have the choice to do so.

The Trailblazer GPS Jacket goes for £350.- ($718.-) and the Children GPS Tracker Jacket for £250.- ($513.-) directly by BladeRunner.