Blacksocks develops a RFID-enabled sock that will never get lost


blacksocks rfid smarter socks 1
Ah the humble sock. We need them to keep our feet dry. We need them for maximum pleasure whilst curling up in front of a fire and reading the newspaper tablet computer. The only bad thing about socks, as far as we can tell, is the fact that they come in pairs. You know what that means. We are human beings and human beings tend to lose stuff. Life is messy, after all. So what happens when you lose a sock? Are you expected to mix and match and look like a buffoon all throughout your house?! What will the cats think?

Fret no more. Thanks to Blacksocks, a purveyor of black and other color socks. you’ll never have to stress out about losing your stretchy footwear again. Their “Smarter Socks” come enabled with an RFID chip on each cuff. Also, these socks have cuffs. Once you push the button on one sock, wave it around and when it gets near to its sibling it will let out a nice, life-affirming beep. Together again and ready to protect your precious little piggies! Life sure is beautiful sometimes.

Of course, all of this toe warming comes with a cost. RFID chips aren’t cheap, after all. Blacksocks will sell you a pack of ten pair of these socks for $189. That works out to about $18 a pair, or, $9 a sock. That may sound like a lot but these socks are also finely crafted and should last you a good while. These aren’t socks from the discount rack at Walmart. However, if the socks are getting a little long in the tooth, they also come with an affiliated app that will let you know approximately how many wears they have left in them. Nothing is more embarrassing then developing a toe-hole while out and about.