Black Stripe iPod Enabled Suit


Timeless tailoring meets the latest innovations in fabric technology: that’s the iPod suit from Marks & Spencer.

Much hyped a few weeks ago and now on sale. According to the UK online store from Marks & Spencer, only the iPod Jacket is available, they don’t sell matching pants for the Jacket. You are free to chose your own trousers from their or any other selection.

Black Strip Ipod Suit

Nevertheless, the Jacket is good looking, has a silhouetted cut and you will blend into any business and office environment seamless like the fabric keyboard from Eleksen with which you can control your iPod discretely.

But with the Wool Blend Single Breasted 2 Button Black Stripe iPod Jacket you will still stand out from the och-so-standard-and-boring business and office attire for the men.

Available at Marks & Spencer UK online shop but unfortunately, they do not ship outside the UK. You may check out the nearest Marks & Spencer by following this link and call them up if they have it in store. The US are not on that list either so only a good friend or a visit to UK might get you a iPod Jacket.

The Jacket cost in UK £90.00 which is around US$ 180.- This is a good price for a Jacket like this even without the iPod control. That makes the iPod jacket great value for (your) money.