Bite Counter monitors how much you eat then shames you for it


We’ve all heard of vitals monitors, but what about, um, vittles monitors? According to two Clemson researchers, the time of the monitored vittle has come. Enter their brainchild, the Bite Counter.

The Bite Counter does exactly what the name implies: It counts your bites. You wear it as if it was a watch and the counter keeps track of how many bites of delicious foodstuffs you are shoving into your gaping maw. Then you stare at the large number and feel great, great shame. The intent is to hopefully harness this shame to create weight loss, or something.

This device may not be for everyone, well specifically it’s not for super skinny people. Still, it could be an interesting new weapon in the battle against obesity. At the very least we can strap one on to competitive eaters and see if we can overload the system. That ought to be fun.