Bionic Limbs are the order of the day for researchers at Vanderbilt University


In the race to see how robotic human beings can become, enter researchers at Vanderbilt University. These clever scientists have created a bionic limb, so real, so lifelike, that it is likely to be a boon to those in need of prosthetics.

It’s the first prosthetic limb to use said motorized joints in conjunction, and the results are impressive to say the least. The device also makes it easier for users to advance on inclines, due to the motorization. It is just a concept for now but let’s hope it can make people more mobile in the near future.

From Vanderbilt:

The device uses the latest advances in computer, sensor, electric motor and battery technology to give it bionic capabilities: It is the first prosthetic with powered knee and ankle joints that operate in unison. It comes equipped with sensors that monitor its user’s motion. It has microprocessors programmed to use this data to predict what the person is trying to do and operate the device in ways that facilitate these movements.