Berkeley Bionics eLegs help the disabled walk again


The search for the Bionic Man continues! Bionics manufacturer Berkeley Bionics has announced that they are developing a new kind of exoskeleton that will let the disabled walk again. Amazing, right? The item is being called eLegs. It is all kinds of awesome.

The developer has this to say about the forthcoming robotic appendage. “The suit consists of a backpack-mounted controller connected to robotic legs. It is driven by four motors, one for each hip and knee. The ankle joint is controlled with passive springs that keep the foot angled so that it can be placed on the ground, heel to toe, as the leg steps. Sensors in the legs relay position information to the control unit, which determines how to bend the joints and, in turn, walk. Onboard lithium-cobalt batteries allow the suit to be operated without a tether to a power source.”

That is pretty hefty tech. Of course, this isn’t something you’ll be able to get at Radio Shack. Hopefully in a few years it will be something patients can get via their insurance, though.