The Bem Smartwatch is a Speaker Strapped to Your Wrist



The smartwatch craze is taking over the wearable technology market, and new devices are being released often. But what exactly defines a smartwatch? Is it simply a device strapped to your wrist? Clearly not, but there is one product that is clearly not a smartwatch, but is riding on the success of the devices nonetheless. The device is called the Bem Speakerwatch.

Essentially, the Bem Speakerwatch is a speaker that you strap to your wrist. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and can play music from your phone out loud.

What else can it do, I hear you ask? Well…that’s it. It’s a speaker attached to your wrist. No, there’s no display, and no, there’s no apps that can be installed on it. It can however take calls and will make hands-free applications a little easier.

The Bem Speakerwatch will set you back a cool $69. A little much for a speaker that won’t even be very loud? Maybe. At half the price of a Pebble and a quarter of the price of the new Galaxy Gear, it certainly might be worth your while saving up for one of these devices. Nonetheless, if all you need is a little boost to your volume, this might be the device for you!