Bellysonic Prenatal Music Belt


Bellysonic is a wearable soft speaker that can let an expecting mother the chance to share music with her baby. Despite the science behind if music is helpful for development, view over this can be polarized. Music is often considered a relaxing non aggressive way to release emotions.
Bellysonic Prenatal Music Belt
Studies have shown that babies that listened to music for 3 months in the womb can remember the music up to their first birthday. Despite conflicting studies about the babies aptitutde due to listening to music, I am sure it cannot hurt.

Adjustable belt, made of 100% organic sherpa cotton and 100% natural cotton takes care for extra softness. Easy to use fasteners allows freedom of movement for relaxation, mobility and comfort.

The Bellysonic speaker pouch comes with two built-in mini stereo speakers and headphone splitter allowing you and your baby to listen at the same time.

Bellysonic is available for $49.95