Belkin EasyFit Plus Armband turns your iPhone 5 into a smartwatch


The reign of the smartwatch is nearly here. These watches do all of the cool stuff your phone does, only they wrap around wrist and weigh just a shade more than a feather. The downside to this tech? Much of it is still in the planning phases. Only one or two have come to market and it will be until the end of the year before the flood begins. What is one to do then if you want to wrap all of the usefulness of your iPhone around your wrist? Just wrap all of the usefulness of your iPhone around your wrist!

Belkin, known to most as the company that makes Internet routers, has released their EasyFit Plus Armband. This armband features a devilishly simple design that effectively turns your iPhone into a smartwatch. You wrap it around your wrist, just like a watch, and watch as the world opens before you like a golden, fitness tracking oyster. Astound friends by talking into your wrist as you converse with Siri. Frighten enemies as they assume you are wearing a piece of technology that they have never heard of or seen before.

Beware, however, this armband is only for use with the most recent iPhone iteration, the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is thinner and, thus, the armband would be much too thin for the 4S and older models. If you do have an iPhone 5 you can snag one of these for the low, low price of around $20-$30 depending on where you shop. Until next time, smartwatchers.