Become Real Life Iron Woman With These Metallic Dresses


Dresses are made out of lots of different fabrics. Some are made out of boring old cotton. Some are made from silk, polyester and other textile-based ephemera. However, very rarely(if ever) are a series of dresses made out of cold hard metal. It’s easy to see why. The wearer of said dress would be an electricity conductor! They could probably amplify guitars too, if they were into that kind of thing. Still, being as how the Iron Man movies are such huge hits, there had to be a market for this stuff right? Yes there is. Here are some metallic dresses.

They were created by a designer named Iris Van Herpen and they are quite the metallic doozies. They look like alien exoskeletons and that’s not where the alien-comparisons stop. The dresses were actually “grown” using mega-magnets, out of iron filings and a special resin. Van Herpen with product designer Jólan van der Wiel for Van Herpen’s 2013 fall/winter couture collection. Amazingly, these dresses are still flexible and cloth-like which is a first for, well, dresses made almost entirely out of metal and magnets. As an added bonus, you can also store all of your refrigerator magnets(or an actual refrigerator) on them.

As stated above, these dresses will be part of a fall/winter 2013 collection. We are not sure if you will be able to purchase them in high end boutiques, however. They might be runway only. However, where there is a metallic will there is a metallic way. Watch the dresses sauntering down said runway below.