Beauty and the Geek – Jeans With a Built In Keyboard


beauty and the geek2
Well, this is one of those inventions that possibly no one in the history of the universe will ever use. However, it’s still an interesting idea! The Beauty and the Geek jeans  include a QWERTY keyboard, wireless mouse, and speakers, all built in to the jeans themselves.

The keyboard is quite obviously located across the crotch of the jeans, with the speakers located in the knee. The mouse isn’t as integrated with the jeans as the other peripherals, but it still has a back pocket which is specifically designed to house the mouse. Even the stitching on the jeans is designed to look like a circuit board!

The jeans connect to your computer via wireless USB, and might actually be available to the general public soon, as the company that designed them is looking for a manufacturing company for the jeans. For now, however, the jeans are just a concept.

Beauty and the geek1