Beats by Dre and POC team up to bring you a musical ski helmet


A little, freezing bird told us that it’s winter. What is there to do during winter but gain weight by eating tons of take out food and finally catching up on your massive Netflix queue? Why, compete in some righteous outdoor sports of course. First on the list? Skiing. Hitting the slopes is awesome. The only problem is, it tends to be quiet. We love the gentle rustle of wind as much as the next wearable technology website, but sometimes we just to rock! Skiing loans itself to rocking, after all. It’s just so fast. When will the tech catch up to our desires?

Well, right about now. Beats by Dre, which is headed up by some musician you’ve probably never heard of, and winter sportswear manufacturer POC have teamed up to bring us a Beats by Dre ski helmet. This helmet will protect you from trees, babes and other ski hazards, of course, but it will do so with the sheer, awesome power of music. This helmet is part of the popular BUG Communication line from POC with a Beats by Dre microphone/headphone combo built into the neck roll. That’s right. You can listen and talk. Also, there is no rule saying you have to listen to music while wearing this. We find that a nice, calm book on tape helps us hot dog as well(Just kidding, go with music.)

All of this amped up slalom-ing doesn’t come cheap, however. A helmet with the headphone circuitry built in will set you back around $330. If you already own a POC-branded ski helmet, though, you can buy the circuitry by itself for $180. It’ll slide right in there.