Beat the Heat with the Men’s Freeze Degree T-shirt


With temperatures soaring to unbelievably hot levels during the summer months, going outside has become almost a taboo. With the heat index so high, just braving the outside air for a few minutes can seem daunting, and no amount of clothing, or lack thereof, seems to help. Until now, that is. The Men’s Freeze Degree t-shirt from Columbia Sportswear promises to help the wearer beat the heat, similarly to the Columbia Omni-Freeze and Adidas Polar Fusion, although the process is a little different. 

What is the Mens’ Freeze Degree T-shirt?

columbia-mens-freeze-degree-ss-crew-blue_23The Men’s Freeze Degree  is a new type of t-shirt being developed by Columbia Sportswear.  By using a set of patented procedures and technologies, the t-shirt helps the wearer stay cool in the most intense heats.  For a long time “wicking” shirts, often referred to simply as under armor often made by the popular brand Under Armour, have been the staple of football and baseball players, as well as many in other professions that require them to be outdoors much of the time. The purpose of these types of shirts, of course, is to “wick” away the moisture as the body sweats, in an attempt to cool the skin.

How does the Men’s Freeze Degree T-shirt Work?

The Men’s Freeze Degree t-shirt uses a patented process that Columbia Sportswear calls Omni-Freeze Zero. Omni-Freeze Zero is a series of sweat-activated zones built into the t-shirt’s material. These zones, small blue circles built into the fabric, swells when they come into contact with the body’s perspiration, in turn opening the pores in the material and allowing for more air flow and lowering the temperature of the fabric. The manufacturer refers to this as “sweating smarter.”

Also used in the manufacture of the Men’s Degree T-shirt is a process called “Omni-Wick Evap”, which is a technology that quickly disperses sweat across the surface area of the shirt to allow for rapid evaporation. This allows the wearer to remain dry and comfortable instead of ending up with a sweat soaked shirt.

However, the Men’s Freeze Degree T-shirt is not “air conditioned” and does not deliver any sort of “icy cold” sensation despite the name.


Features of the Men’s Freeze Degree T-shirt

Aside from the obvious sweat activated cooling aspects of this shirt, the Men’s Freeze Degree t-shirt also provides “Omni-Shade”, the manufacturer’s term for UPF 50 protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The t-shirt is made with ergonomic seaming that helps to prevent chaffing and rubbing, as well as 4-way stretching of the material, providing for the highest amount of comfort possible in a shirt. The shirt’s fabric is coated with antimicrobial elements.


The Men’s Freeze Degree T-shirt vs. Traditional Under Armor

There are both differences and similarities between the new Men’s Freeze Degree t-shirts and the traditional under armor shirts. The primary similarity, of course, is the wicking aspect. Both shirts act as a wick to move sweat away from the skin and aid in evaporation, and as such, it is important that the shirt is form fitting without being overly snug. This, however, is where the similarities end. Columbia Sportswear takes the process a step further by providing a material that actually drops the temperature against the skin, as well as providing the obvious benefit of UV ray protection making it superior in every way.