Beartek Bluetooth Gloves Let Your Fingers Do the Talking


As the wise man used to say, if the glove don’t fit you must acquit. Wait, what? In any event, gloves are great for many things. They are perfect for keeping your hands warm, obviously. They are also quite fetching for hiding fingerprints as you conduct nefarious tasks, and for keeping your hands free of icing(for you bakers out there.) However, aside from a few odds and ends, the glove hasn’t received all of the wearable tech splendor we here at Crunchwear thinks it deserves. Hopefully, with the release of this forthcoming item, that will begin to change. Yeah, this glove lets you control your phone in perfectly even in the coldest of temperatures.

Introducing the Beartek Glove, which uses Bluetooth functionally to great aplomb. Essentially, when you strap on these bad boys it interacts with your phone via Bluetooth to ensure accurate and correct swiping, keystrokes and tweeting even when your poor digits are freezing like the Dickens. You don’t even have to use the screen for many functions. The glove is fully programmable, allowing the use of many apps just by clicking fingers together in a variety of ways. Now you’ll even be able to look at Okcupid even in sub zero temperatures! The best flirts, after all, tend to happen in below freezing temps.

Best of all? These gloves are available for purchase right now, just in time for the coming onslaught of depression and frustration known around these parts as “winter.” They come in a variety of pricing schemes, but you can get the garden variety classic edition for just $95. Here is a video showing them in cold, cold action.