BEARTek Bluetooth Glove is the smart glove of your dreams


The world of gloves has seen some innovation in the past couple of years. However, nobody has yet to perfect the all-in-one audio controller and cell phone navigator. Enter the BEARTek Bluetooth Glove, the smartest five-fingered accessory that you are likely to find in the near future.

What does this glove offer? An expensive Bluetooth module built right into the textiles. This allows the user to do any number of things only using their hands. The sky truly is the limit here. Consider it the Nintendo Power Glove, if the Nintendo Power Glove didn’t suck the life right out of your childhood.

Now, this is just a concept design for now. The design costs accrued quicker than the designers anticipated. As such, they have put up a Kickstarter page for donations to make their beloved idea a reality. Depending on how much you donate, they’ll be liable to outfit your hands with gloves as soon as they are finished. Get on it, you good Samaritans!