Basis Fitness Band Knows When You Are on the Move


Fitness. It’s certainly right up there with that other “F” word. We all want to have it. Heck, we all need to have it(according to our doctors.) However, holding up that fit and trim holy grail above our heads is easier said than done. It requires cutting down on pizza and doing this thing called exercise nearly every day. Nearly every day! The only things meant for daily use are video games and Netflix Instant. In short, we need all of the help we can get. Thankfully wearable technology, usually in the form of watches or fitness armbands, are on the case. Here is another one that is sure to get us out of the house and on to the track, at least for a few weeks.

The Basis Fitness Band is similar to other vitality trackers on the market, at first glance. It tracks your heart rate, distance traveled, speed traveled and other odds and ends and then beams relevant information to your smart phone, tablet or personal computer. However, it has a few extra bells and whistles for the laziest among us(that’s all of us.) First of all, it begins tracking as soon as it notices you moving. You don’t have to start it or anything like that. All you do is put it on and start exercising. It’ll do the rest. Pretty cool right? One less thing to worry about. It even knows when you are sleeping. This fitness band is just like Santa Clause!

The bands are on sale now at a suggested retail price of $199. Here is a video to let you know that thing actually works.