Basis ‘Carbon Steel’ edition now available



The Basis B1 is one of the better known smartwatch / fitness band combinations, and has a lot of great features for your fitness tracking pleasure. Well the Basis watch was recently released in a new version – a Carbon Steel edition.

The watch itself is one of the smartest fitness trackers available and offers four different sensors that can be used. These include a heart rate monitor, temperature monitor, perspiration monitor, and accelerometer, which is used to track body movement. Not only that, but a recent update to the watches makes it so that it can automatically detect when you start walking or running.

This new version of the watch features a sleek watch band with classy chrome accents. Furthermore, the watch comes with an extra silicone strap that is more stretchable and breathes easier – perfect for higher intensity sports situations.

For those who already own the Basis B1, a new update to the watch will be rolling out soon that is compatible with both the original B1 and the Carbon Steel edition. The new software will feature new sleep-tracking features. These features include the ability to differentiate between REM, light sleep, and deep sleep. Just like with running and walking this tracking will happen automatically, so there won’t be a need to manually put the device in sleep tracking mode.  The update will allow you to have a personal “sleep score” inside the app, once you have the update. That update should be hitting the app store later this month.

The Basis Carbon Steel edition is available on the Basis website for $199, while the original Basis B1 has dropped in price down to $179. If you want one of the smartest fitness bands on the market, then the Basis fitness watch might just be the device for you!