Basis Bands Get A Style Upgrade


City Scape Band

A new entry is coming into the smart watch field, and that entry is coming out in style. The team over at Basis Science has announced that their Basis Band is coming out with three different styling looks. The smart watch, which is designed to help you keep fit, measures things like your heart rate, skin temperature, the amount that you are perspiring and how much moving you are doing during the day. The watch then uses that to assess how much exercise you are getting as a measure of your overall health.

The real news however is the stylish choices. Unlike the majority of new smart watches which are coming out with a single, and decidedly masculine look, this smart watch will have a variety of style options. There is a modernest floralesque band, a simple black band and a band that looks like a simple pen sketch.

The watches start at $34.95 and they are are currently on sale. You can get solid black or white bands for about $10 less, if style is not an issue for you.

Source: CNet
Image: My Basis