Baidu Working on Own Glasses, Baidu Eye


Baidu Eye

Google Glass is already creating a splash in the technology world, and they haven’t even been released to the public yet! It seems that Baidu, a popular Chinese search engine, is already creating their own competitor to Google Glass to be named the “Baidu Eye”. While it is currently only in prototype phase, the Baidu Eye was reportedly initiated years ago.

Like Google Glass, the Baidu Eye has voice recognition capabilities and will sync with a smart phone, giving it the ability to make phone calls and perform other functions that smartphones can do. Also like Google, Baidu has a maps service, news, and an online encyclopedia. These functions should prove to be useful in the Baidu Eye.

The Baidu Eye will use visual recognition technology to be able to detect buildings, people, places, and so on. It will also feature Baidu’s own operating system which is said to be an Android copy.

Essentially, the Baidu Eye is a Google Glass ripoff, however it should prove to be a worthy competitor, especially in China. It might also offer a better price, which is always good for the budget minded tech geek.

Many people are expecting the Baidu Eye to be a few years away, but it is so far the only competitor for the Google Glass, which is expected to be released to the public later this year.