This Backpack Has Just About Everything Ever


Here at Crunchwear we love backpacks. They help turn our backs into packs. What use are backs anyways without the ability to double as its rhyming counterpart? We can use backpacks to haul bags of trail mix, sporting equipment and even a laptop or three. Of course, we especially like these fluffy boxes to hold all of our wearable tech gadgets. To that end, we are constantly on the look for high tech backpacks that help not only with the carrying of said gadgets but with the using of them as well. Today we have something for you that just might make you want to, gasp, go outside.

It’s called the Omnipack Backpack and it does for backpacks what the Swiss army knife does for knives. In short, this backpack costs “packed” with a whole host of tech-heavy goodies. What is included here? A lithium ion cell battery/charger that can be used to charge your devices, USB ports for even better access, a bunch of LED taillights so an errant bear won’t run you down, all kinds of other colored LEDs to make sure that bear doesn’t come around for a second swing at you, speakers for jamming sweet tunes and a solar panel for getting juice to all of this. It has pretty much everything but the kitchen sink, which wouldn’t make that much sense anyways since there are not many kitchens outside.

Of course, for now you’ll have to wander the dark and unforgiving outdoors all by your lonesome. The Omnipack isn’t out yet! You can hike on over to their Kickstarter and camp down a cool $75 to make sure you are the first Henry David Thoreau to get your hands on one, though.