Baby Talk


For those anxious parents who want to keep an eye on their offspring comes Neebo.

Neebo is a gadget attached to your baby’s hand, allowing you to monitor all sorts of vitals through the companion app that you’ll need to install on your smartphone. Neebo monitors the baby’s sound, thermal comfort, heart rate and blood oxygen level. In addition to all that, it monitors for suspicious activity, and will let you know if something’s wrong. This gadget also filters out background noises so that you can hear only relevant sounds that your baby is making when monitoring what’s going on. The gadget also has a built in voice chat features which allows you to talk to your baby no matter where you are, all you have to do is activate this feature through the companion app and your baby will be able to hear everything you’re saying.

The companion app will offer three different modes for you to choose from: Monitoring Section, Sleeping Mode and Parenting Section. In each of these sections the wearable will be set to do different things, the monitoring section will keep track of your baby’s vitals and audio in the room, the sleeping section activates heart rate monitoring and an alert system, while the parenting section will offer you various audio content to choose from.

According to the manufacturers, Neebo will launch this month in a prototype mode, with finished versions expected to ship in March 2017.