Axio’s EEG Headband helps that flagging brain of yours to focus


Let’s get one thing straight. With each passing minute of each passing day your brain is getting less and less useful. It’s true! Sure if you are a kid and that noggin of yours is still growing then this doesn’t apply but it sure does to all of the adults out there. There’s only so much Ginkgo Biloba a person can consume. If only there was a way to keep our brains in shape, some kind of brain academy. No, not the video game, a real live device that is futuristic and designed from the ground up to help stem the rapid onset of brain-aging.

There is! Axio, a new company started by Arye Barnhama and Laura Berman, are developing a headband that uses EEG sensors to help the brain focus. The appropriately named Axio Headband is quite the ingenious device. We’ve covered EEG-related devices before but nothing like this. Here’s how it works. You put the sensor around your head. The neoprene band packs a trio of electrodes, a PCB with a Bluetooth radio and audio out, and a battery pack to power everything. It tracks your brainwaves and figures out which are useful and focused brainwaves and which are the kinds of dreamy nonsense brainwaves we spend 99 percent of our lives creating. When you start creating useful brainwaves you are given positive feedback in the form of audio cues. The information is also sent to a nearby computer screen to be analyzed and charted up. Before long, in theory, you can control your brain enough to get that sweet, sweet positive feedback on command. Voila, you are a more focused individual.

Being kind of amazing, this headband is not yet available for public consumption. But head on over to their website and fill out the customer field. They’ll let you know when its ready. In the meantime, there’s always fish oil. We hear that works.