Axio EEG Headband Rebrands as Melon – Launches on Kickstarter Tomorrow


The human brain is a fragile, and quite fallible, thing. Nowadays we rely on Google and quick texts to obtain information instead of study or wracking our noggins in a feverish frenzy. In short, the very technology that has made our lives so much easier can do the opposite when used in excess. Just as our bodies need exercise, so do our bodies. To that end, the burgeoning field of EEG studies has produced several items of curiosity in the wearable technology arena. One such item just got an upgrade and is about to be launched around foreheads everywhere.

We wrote about Axio’s EEG Headband last year, back when it was a mere working prototype. The company has gotten their act together, dropped the name and rebranded as Melon. Get it? Your head is sometimes called that and it goes around that same head. This wearable device comes packed with EEG sensors that measure brain wave activity. A related mobile application contains games and other diversions that track and try to mold that neural activity into something positive and productive. It’s like a high tech workout trainer for your brai. Pretty cool right? Technology!

You still have a little longer to wait until you’ll be able to pick one of these bad boys up, however. They are launching a funds-raising Kickstarter tomorrow in order to tie up loose financial ends. If you hit up the page early, you can pre-order your very own Melon for just $79. That is a several tens of dollars cheaper than this item will be in store shelves. We’ll let you know more as we know more. In the meantime, go watch this video and then read a book and learn to meditate.