This Awesome Suit is Like a Jet Pack For the Sea


The sea is awesome. You can swim around and look at fish and stuff. Sometimes you can even get swallowed by giant whales which leads to a whole new exciting life. Occasionally, you can even grow up as the local celebrity Mermaid, only to be cursed by this octopus beast and forced to go live on land with a charming prince. Wait a minute. In any event, swimming is great fun but can be tiring if you are going for long distances. That’s why we need some snazzy wearable tech to make jetting through the water feel like, well, jetting through the water.

You got your wish. Introducing the x2 Underwater Jet Pack. Once you strap on this puppy you’ll be cutting through the ocean like Superman cuts through the sky or Aquaman also cuts through the ocean. The inner workings of this device are still shrouded in mystery but a recent press release suggests that it uses “the latest lithium battery technology coupled with state of the art digital motors and a wireless control system.” That sounds good enough for us. Our puny arms and legs certainly don’t feature any lithium batteries or digital motors. Even the control system is wired, thanks to those bungling nerve endings.

It’s just a working prototype for now, so it will be a spell before it swims over to your local sports shop. However, the company is serious about bringing it to market so you can count on this redefining swimming in the next year or so. Here’s a video of the x2 in nautical action.