Avery Dennison’s Metria wearable sensor helps you prevent disease


avery dennison metria 1
This can be a dangerous world. We need any edge we can get in order to ensure we live to a healthy and ripe old age. We want to have the benefit of being able to yell at young whippersnappers for traipsing over our lawn, right? Well, we had better get on preventative care. If we eat burgers twice a day and exercise once a decade, all the while never going for check ups, we probably won’t live long enough to be cantankerous seniors. So what do we do to help us get on that? Why, use wearable technology of course.

Avery Dennison has been quietly prepping a wearable sensor for a couple of years now and it finally poised to spring upon us like a healthy dollop of preventative loveliness(wait what?) The Metria Wearable Sensor is a great new tool aimed at helping the healthcare industry shift toward prevention. It works like this: The user attaches the wearable sensor, which uses “skin-friendly” adhesive; the sensor collects data, such as the number of hours slept and breaths per minute; and the sensor wirelessly transmits a summary of the data to the user’s or caregiver’s device, such as a smartphone. Prevention, and good health, is had by all.

According to the company, they see a great future for these devices in health and wellness, sports and fitness, and cardiac monitoring. The Metria is available right now, so get off of your couch, turn off cable news, and go get yourself one! Your body will thank you.