Avegant’s Glyph VR Headset Materializes on Kickstarter


There’s a rumor going around that our current reality is not quite adequate and soon we’ll be inundated with more virtual reality gadgets then we can shake a Google-enhanced stick at. Those rumors, after all, may very well be true. The notion of virtual reality eyewear was something out of a cyberpunk novel just a few years ago, now they are being announced at a rapid clip. This trend was led, of course, by Google’s marvelous Glass device which we cover, uh, often. Just think! Pretty soon we won’t have to do anything in real life. We can just sit back and play virtual volleyball with virtual bikini babes. Wait what? In any event, here is another similar gadget.

You may remember the Avegant Gylph eyewear device from several months ago in this very blog. Back then it was just a prototype design. Good news! Now it’s ready to be manufactured and sent to consumers and store shelves everywhere. What exactly is the Glyph? It’s a device that is not totally dissimilar to Glass, except for some notable exceptions. For one, it streams the images directly into your retinas instead of several feet in front of them(don’t worry, it’s not dangerous.) It also accepts HDMI input, which means there won’t be any shortage of content released for the device as it can except, well, all content.

Don’t start lining up at Best Buy just yet, however. The company has taken to Kickstarter to achieve final funding for the device. You can pre-order one, and therefore become an early adopter, by putting down around five hundred smackaroos. That’s not bad for being able to finally shut out your entire life in favor of the virtual realm.