Avegant Jellyfish VR Glasses Let You Fly Drones Among Other Things


If there’s one new technology that is starting to make waves, besides all that which is wearable, it has to be drones. These little personal helicopters are blowing up in a big way, allowing you to film beautiful vistas or just get your food delivered quicker. Heck, even Amazon has announced they will soon start testing drones out to conduct same-hour product deliveries. Yowza. It looks like the entire sky is about to filled with the littler buggers. On that note, here is some interesting tech by Avegant that combines drone tech with wearable tech to create, well, drone-wearable tech.

Avegant, who are no stranger to the pages of this here blog, recently let reporters from Engadget try out there forthcoming Jellyfish VR glasses to fly, you guessed it, a drone. This particular drone was outfitted with a 4K camera on its front, creating some breathtaking visuals for the wearer. This is a real ‘have your cake and eat it too’ moment for wearable tech, as now people can fly stuff in the sky and also see where they are flying at the same time. It’s like a flight sim only, you know, real. The Jellyfish device, of course, will be able to be used with a whole host of operations, not being limited to just drone piloting.

The Jellyfish, a more featured version of their current Glyph model VR device, will be on store shelves at, uh, some point. The company hasn’t exactly announced when, nor have they announced a price. However, if they are ponying up big bucks to fly tech reporters to winter wonderlands to fly drones around, they must be serious about getting this thing out quick. Here’s a video of their current model, the Glyph, in action.