Avegant Announces Glyph Wearable Display Prototype


The real world? Oh, well, it’s kind of ok if you are into that sort of thing. There are trees, dogs and pizza and stuff. Those things are all pretty cool. However, the real world has nothing on the forthcoming virtual world. Virtual reality devices and applications used to suck but these last couple of years have seen a major uptick in quality for those of us who’d rather spend our days holed up in our bedrooms with weird objects atop our faces. On that note, here is another awesome eyewear device that sends you to some place that isn’t real, but is. It’s a paradox!

Avegant, who have appeared in the pages of this here blog, are back with a brand new invention. They’ve just unveiled a working prototype of their Glyph eyewear(and ear-ware) device. This gadget projects a beautiful super HD picture right into your eyeballs. Imagine watching Two and a Half Men with this bad boy. Essentially its a wearable display mixed with some fancy pants headphones. The result is a perfectly reasonable way to never have to deal with real people ever again. Which is fine, because everyone knows they are way overrated.

Of course, this is only a working prototype for now. It’s nowhere to be seen on store shelves. However, the company plans on launching a Kickstarter to do just that on January 22nd. We’ll float you an update when that happens. In the meantime, you can just wear regular headphones and sit really, really, really close to your TV.