AutoMeeS smartphone cleaner is tiny enough to fit in your pocket


We here at Crunchwear love technology. We love it so much, in fact, that occasionally we’ll use technology to do simple every day tasks that we could easily do the old fashioned way. For instance, we have been known to text friends while sitting in the same room with them. Hey, at least it’s private(sorta.) In the spirit of that, a company has just released a little gadget that treads the fine line between usefulness and uselessness. At the very least it can fit in your pocket.

The AutoMeeS by Takara Tomy is a little robot that cleans the screens of your smartphone and tablets. On the usefulness side? Our touchscreens are constantly getting smudged and health professionals say they retain germs something fierce. Cleanliness is good! On the uselessness side? You can easily do the same exact thing these robots do with one hand and one napkin. But still! These little robots fit in your pocket and run over your entire screen like a miniature, adorable Roomba. And since your smartphones go in your pocket, consider this your pocket protector, um, protector.

The company says a smartphone screen will be cleaned in around four minutes and a tablet screen will take around eight minutes. Sure, these may not be the most efficient devices but they are at least fantastic conversation starters. Your friends and neighbors will be astounded by the guy who carries a robot inside of their pocket.

AutoMeeS are on sale now at the actually reasonable price of $17 for one.