Auto Snug Clothing


Tight Jeans It seems Philips is going into the fashion and textile business. First there was the ICD+ Jacket together with Levi, then the Lumalive textile display last September and now a really smart fabric.

Philips shows us a way which gives hope that the fitting-room fiascos will become a thing of the past ….. if this concept ever forays into the world of fashion.

The consumer electronics giant has come up with a concept to change the size, shape and style of clothes by weaving “muscle wires” into the fabric. The wires are made of shape-memory alloys that change length according to the small current passed through them.

Here’s how it could work: you try on a special pair of Philips’ trousers, and connect up to a power source that changes the length of the wires in the fabric until the trousers have the correct waist size, inside leg and width.Then simply disconnect to try the trousers in exactly your size. Philips says the technique could also be used to correctly fit shirts, socks and bras, or indeed any other article of clothing.

We look forward to the day this hit the shops. Imagine you buy jeans or shirts or whatever and it will nicely snug and hug you gorgeous body.

If you are interested in the details and you are used to reading patent applications, have a look to the full auto-snug patent application.