Australian scientists implant bionic eye, cyborg revolt forthcoming


australian bionic eye 1
You say you want a revolution? How about a cyborg-led revolution whereupon non-technologically-enhanced humans are forced to work as slave labor for their uncaring robotic overlords?! That certainly does not sound like what John Lennon had in mind when he penned that song(although, who knows.) Well, that future might be a Skynet-fueled uncertainty thanks to a team of trigger happy Australian scientists and their penchant for robotic body parts.

They have outfitted an actual human being with a fully functional bionic eye. The person outfitted with the bionic eye is 54-year-old Dianne Ashworth, who underwent the implant surgery back in May. As of now, she can only use the eye to see spots of light and shapes but the researchers hope to significantly improve that soon. How much of an improvement? The Bionics Institute in Australia expects to improve the facility of the device in the near future to allow her to enjoy more distinct images using the implant. It works using electrodes connected to a device fitted onto Ashworth’s ear, which is connected to another processing device in the bionics lab.

The only major letdown of this technology? Dianne Ashworth looks totally normal and not at all like a bloodthirsty member of the Borg. Resistance is still futile, though. Who knows? Maybe in a few years time the newest, hottest thing will be implanting one of these in your beloved eye sockets. The eyes are always the first to go when it comes to worldwide robotic apocalypses.