Aurora Headband Can Make You Dream Better


A great man once said “to sleep and perchance to dream” or something like that. That great man may or may not have actually existed, depending on your reading of literary history, however the sentiment is sound. Dreaming rules! Where else can you fly around the planet and show up at your middle school naked? Nowhere, that’s where. Even better than regular dreaming is lucid dreaming, which is when you know you are dreaming and act accordingly. The state of a lucid dream is rare, so any technology that helps us get there is welcome. To that end, here is a headband that purports to do just that.

The Aurora is being billed as a smart headband, because all new gadgets that come out must have the prefix “smart.” However, it just may actually be. It uses a combination of sound and light to steer you toward lucid dreams as you rest soundly in your bed, couch or park bench(lay off the sauce, fella.) For instance, to transport you to a dream beach the device will show the appropriate amount of light, followed by seagull sounds and waves crashing. We aren’t sure what it would do to transport you to your ex-wife’s living room which has been filled to the brim with onion rings. Aurora Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology which enables seamless connections to other devices. This tech is also used on assumed third party applications, which would come later down the line.

The Aurora Headband isn’t out yet but, of course, you can pre-order one by lucidly flying over to their Kickstarter page. Becoming an early adopter will set you back around $150.