Augmented Reality Glasses for Teachers



Sometimes it’s hard for teachers, especially university professors. They always try their best for students, but sometimes the students just don’t get it, or they require further explanation from the teachers. However, often students are too shy to raise their hand and tell professors that they don’t understand. Now, that might not be a problem anymore.

The key to addressing the problem is a set of augmented reality glasses developed by a team of scientists at la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain. Using these glasses, the professor is able to see who understands and who doesn’t, and also if they need to slow down.

These glasses also give students an excuse to play with their phones in class. The students in the class are required to have an app from which they can indicate whether they understand or not, if they need the teacher to slow down, or if they know an answer to a question. Once they do this, a little icon pops up above their head on the glasses, and the teacher is able to see exactly who understand and who doesn’t. Not only that, but the glasses also display a pie chart of all the student combined, showing how many understand the lecture and how many don’t.

The glasses also include other features for professors, including the ability to enter in key points of their lecture which would pop up to them when they need them.

The hope is that the glasses make lectures more productive and efficient, creating a better learning experience for the students. While currently the glasses do look kind of bulky and a little weird, the hope for the scientists at the university who developed the glasses is that the system could be integrated with a sleeker system such as Google Glass.

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