Augmented Reality finds a new niche – selling lipstick!


For the thousands of women looking for exact matches of colours and brands of lipstick, and being forced to rely on sites like Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, comes a solution – GlamScout.

The makers FaceCake say their app let’s users snap a photo of the makeup look in question, and then browse products that match. According to The Observer,it’s like Pokémon Go, only with purchasing power. You upload a photo of a makeup look, whether it’s on a friend, in a magazine or online. Then, you use GlamScout to identify what the exact colors and brands. The augmented reality behind the app allows people to then try on different makeup in real time using the camera.

“GlamScout is the kind of beauty app that my friends and I always wanted; to be able to snap a great look and instantly know how to recreate it,” FaceCake’s founder Linda Smith told the Observer. And that would be a perfect use for it; you can see how someone younger would want to experiment with outrageous makeup, or learn how to do makeup, by seeing what colors models and friends had on. Much like editing app Perfect365, users can try on different looks and take photos in, but with GlamScout, there’s also the option to buy favorites.