Audi targets wearable solution at drivers


German car manufacturer Audi has launched its new programme called Audi Fit Driver, which integrates with wearable fitness trackers and provides the car with data to make you healthier and more relaxed.

According to Audi, the Fit Driver project appears to be the first that seeks “to actively reduce the driver’s stress level and improve concentration.” And as a next step, Audi is looking to “incorporate driver assistance and safety systems, as well as future piloted driving functions,” to make driving even safer.

The technology would utilize key points like heart rate and skin temperature provided by a smart watch or other connected device, and then “supplement this data with information on driving style, breathing rate, and relevant environmental data such as weather or traffic conditions.” With this combined knowledge, Audi says, the car would be able to determine the driver’s state of being, including how stressed or fatigued he or she might be, and then act accordingly. “Various vehicle systems act to relax, vitalize, or even protect the driver,” the manufacturer claims.

At present the programme is available in Europe only.