AT&T to Release FiLIP – Smart Watch to Keep Track of Kids


The thing about kids is, they tend to wander off when you least expect it. They want to explore and see keep a nose on unique smells. They want to chase after mailmen and dig up bones. They want to, uh, bark at intruders and shed all over the living room. Wait, that’s dogs. Kids run off too, though! It’s every parents nightmare to have their precious children run off without notice. Thankfully, technology is on top of it and now gives us a way to keep track of those tykes constantly.

AT&T, who have long strived to keep us all connected for reasons unknown, have been quietly slaving away on their FiLIP smartwatch. This is a smartwatch in name only, however. It doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles other smartwatches have, however it does keep a consistent eye on your kids. It uses a combination of WiFi signals and GPS functionality to always let you know exactly where your rugrat has wandered off to. Consider it like an electronic leash. Wait, there’s that needless dog analogy again. The FiLIP also comes equipped with easy to use emergency buttons. When pressed by the wearer, it pings an emergency text to five contacts along with location coordinates. This can also be programmed to contact emergency services if the situation is especially dire. Seem pretty useful.

FiLIP received FCC certification this past July although AT&T have yet to let us know what it’ll cost and when it’ll be out. We’ll let you know as soon as this information becomes available.  In the meantime, just keep using your eyes and ears. They are mother nature’s smartwatch.