AT&T Develops a New Smartwatch Aimed at Kids


Everybody knows that kids are pretty good at this whole technology thing. As a matter of fact, I remember being an early Internet whiz kid while my dad asked me if Internet and e-mail were the same thing. So, being as how the younger set take to technology like a duck to water, shouldn’t we start to develop pieces of technology with them in mind? That’s what some companies have been thinking, although there is that whole ‘kids don’t have money’ thing. Heck, the companies can work around that. They always have. Latest of these kid-friendly gadgets is AT&T’s newest smartwatch, the one filled with primary colors. Kids also love primary colors apparently.

As the number in the name suggests, AT&T’s FiLIP 2 is not the company’s first foray into kid-friendly tech. The original FiLIP was a mild hit when it launched earlier in the year. The sequel, however, amps everything up to the frenzied pace of a sugared cereal, adding a toughened up screen that can withstand the damage of childhood. As per the original, it also offers the functionality of a wrist-worn phone and a perfectly acceptable GPS so parents can locate their children while they are roaming around beating people up and throwing toilet paper on houses. Ah, the sweet innocence of youth.

You can order the FiLIP 2 now for just $100, plus $10 a month to add the device to your wireless plan. However, you had better act fast. The watch goes up in price to $150 after the holiday season. In other words, they are trying to ever-so-subtly hint that you get this watch for a kid for Christmas. Real subtle, guys.