The ATHENE Bracelet Includes Everything You Need for Your Phone


Have you ever wished that you hadn’t forgotten your charger, or your flash drive, or maybe even a cable or two? If you’re like most of us, that’s definitely a yes. That’s why John Mcroy designed and created the ATHENE Utility Bracelet, a cool new gadget that includes most of the things you might need for your phone. What is it? Well for starters, it’s a bracelet. It’s also an 8GB flash drive, a microMini USB transfer cable, and a charger in case your battery dies. You wear it on your wrist, so there’s less chance of forgetting or loosing your accessories. Best of all, because it’s an all in one, you don’t have to worry about carrying around quite so many things.


Meet the ATHENE

The ATHENE is a brown and silver bracelet that looks like something some people would actually wear. While it’s not high fashion, it’s certainly not ugly either, and it isn’t clunky, which is a huge step considering that most of its competitors (like the Shark Strap) are pretty much huge without offering even half of the features as the ATHENE. Instead, it has a low form factor that will allow you to wear the bracelet under your cuff if you want, so no worries about it being extremely obvious.


Feature wise, the ATHENE works with and supports Android, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry, although you will have to purchase the lighting connector version instead of the microUSB version for the iOS. Both options come with one standard USB plug on one end so that you can transfer any data from your phone to your computer, or vice versa. The charger hasn’t gotten very much mention, but it is most likely a very small battery backup system for one to two hours, considering the size of the device.


Finally, the bracelet is an adjustable band that expands from 18 to 22 centimeters (7.09 inches to 8.66 inches) so it’s great for both men and women. Unfortunately the tan, leather look bracelet only comes in one color, so ladies you can’t match it with your shoes.


Who Would Need This?

If you’re wondering who would need this, the truth is, a lot of people. While the design page for the ATHENE suggests that it would be great for business professionals and anyone always on the move, it would also be perfect for college students who mostly need all of these types of cables and gadgets with them at all times anyway. The fact that it is compatible with any microUSB device, and features a full size USB only makes it more convenient. Best of all, at just $25 + shipping, it’s also quite affordable.


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the ATHENE will make it’s IndieGoGo campaign goal of $10,000, mainly because they haven’t sold the 400 $25 models yet. If you want one, the IndieGoGo campaign runs until January 15th of 2014, after which it should hopefully retail on a website, where the final price will be over $30.

Do you want one? The ATHENE is definitely one of the cooler items in it’s class, and also one of the least ugly. Considering it’s also got more features, and it’s lower priced, it’s definitely got out attention. How about yours?