Atheer’s 3D Interface



Augmented reality seems to be the way of the future for a large portion of consumer technology. This keeps getting confirmed with the addition of new products such as Google Glass. One company is dedicated to taking augmented reality and, well, augmenting it. Introducing the 3D Mobile Interface by Atheer Labs.

This device has been described as taking the idea of Google Glass, and adding gesture control such as that found in the Kinect by Microsoft to the mix. There are a number of features that make these glasses interesting. Firstly, the company is adamant about the fact that these glasses are not Google Glass replicas. Atheer Labs’ product is much more like looking at a big screen rather than looking at the world with information displayed on top of it. Despite this, Atheer Labs’ glasses can also be used for augmented reality applications, such as displaying Yelp information over the top of businesses as you walk down the street.

Using Atheer Labs’ 3D Mobile Interface, you can do a number of cool things like watch movies, read books, and so on. They also employ gesture control features, such as a “stop” sign, which returns the user back to a main menu. The glasses also allow you to interact with applications by using gesture control, such as in one of the demo apps, you can pop bubbles with your finger. Atheer makes this experience even more interesting and interactive by adding 3D to the mix.

Atheer Labs’ 3D Mobile Interface also includes WiFi, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to add a number of other cool features and a lot of expandability. While currently the product is only a prototype and not really ready for the consumer market yet, it does give an indication of the direction that the technology world might be headed.